JENNIFER CALVERT  joined KCI following six years as the District Director and as a Solid Waste Consultant for the Wyandot County Solid Waste Management District in Ohio. While employed with the Wyandot County Solid Waste District, Jennifer oversaw the operation of the County Material Recovery Facility. Jennifer assisted the District with reaching State Goals for recycling and waste reduction through the development of a comprehensive solid waste master plan. Jennifer is a very dedicated individual and takes pride in serving the needs of others.

Jennifer’s enthusiasm for solid waste and recycling began at Bowling Green State University where she was an intern in the Facilities Management Department overseeing the campus recycling program. This experience inspired her to continue her education towards a M.S. degree while also seeking professional employment in the solid waste and recycling industry.

Jennifer is passionate about sustainability and forecasting the future needs of solid waste and recycling.  Her principal focus has been on increasing waste diversion and recycling rates through strategic planning and program implementation.  As the solid waste industry continues to grow and change, Jennifer stays up to date on the latest trends and technologies to better assist her clients.

Subject Matter Expertise: 

  •   Education & Outreach
  •   Program Planning
  •   Solid Waste Management
  •   Waste Reduction & Recycling


Columbia Southern University, AL

MS, Environmental Health & Occupational Safety, 2014

Columbia Southern University, AL

Graduate Certificate, Occupational Safety, 2014

Columbia Southern University, AL

Graduate Certificate, Environmental Management, 2012

Bowling Green State University, OH

BS, Environmental Sciences, 2008



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