Procurement of Recyclables Processing Services

KCI assisted the city with developing and issuing an Invitation to Bid (ITB) for recyclables processing services.  Though originally intended to include solid waste disposal services, the procurement was limited to recyclables processing when the city chose to piggyback on a neighboring jurisdiction for disposal services.  KCI developed the ITB scope of services, bid forms, minimum bidder qualifications, and recyclables revenue formula.  We assisted in addenda preparation, reviewed bids for completeness, and prepared a bid price summary.  The procurement resulted in revenue to the city of more than $40 per ton.  Two other local municipalities later piggybacked on this contract.


Single Stream Recycling Program Implementation

Improvements that were implemented under KCI’s direction have catapulted the city into a high performing, municipal collection operation. KCI assisted in the conversion to automation; proper vehicle selection and replacement strategies; implementation of technology including RFID, route optimization, and back office software; safety program improvements; and staff realignment. KCI also assisted the city in implementing a recycling reward incentive program in conjunction with local businesses that support the city’s recycling efforts.  In its first full month of operation recycling tons increased by 18%.


Solid Waste Services Assessment

KCI developed a operational plan for the city.  As part of the planning process, KCI was tasked with developing an initial assessment and overview of the city’s solid waste operation. The assessment was designed to outline initial findings and provide cursory data to help the city better understand its operations in preparation for its long-term strategic plan for improvement.  The assessment focused on management and organizational information, and general operational functions of the division.  As a result of KCI’s assessment, the division was able to cut its recycling routes in half, and recently transferred over $5 million back to the city’s general fund.

“Throughout the entire process, the KCI team maintained flexibility and professionalism even when the direction and needs of the City changed. During these transitional periods, KCI continued to ensure maximum value was delivered to the City.”

Chad Grecsek

Director of Recycling and Solid Waste Management, City of Deerfield Beach, Florida

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