“If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it”

-words to live by according to Don Ross, KCI’s Operations Director


  • Collection operations are the single largest expense in solid waste management systems
  • Solid waste collection ranks in the top five most dangerous profession in the U.S., ahead of police, fire, and first responders.
  • No other municipal service is more visible than solid waste collection, where workers are in front of every resident’s home multiple times each week.
  • It is critical to complete independent, thorough, and accurate collection studies.

“The KCI team brought extensive knowledge and expertise to the City’s project resulting in significant value to the City. They were thorough in their efforts, on-time, and within budget.  I wholeheartedly recommend KCI.”

Michelle Neuner

Assistant City Manager, Winter Park, FL


  • We utilize both manual and electronic data collection in Collection Route Studies and incorporate this data into geospatial analysis tools including industry-leading ESRI’s ArcGIS.
  • KCI leverages the power and speed of EasyRoute, the leading route optimization software in North America, in our collection system analyses.
  • We have and can, design and implement Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) service verification programs, handheld data collection route audit tools, and other leading solid waste analysis tools and systems.
  • With a clear understanding of solid waste collection, KCI is considered an industry leader in collection studies, creating best management practices that have become standard across the industry.
  • All KCI route studies result in cost savings! We identify opportunities for improvement and work with clients to decide what works best for them because we believe that all solid waste is local!
  • Because waste collectors are at such high risk, every study KCI conducts emphasizes safe operations as its first priority.
  • KCI is committed to improving solid waste operations for the men and women in the industry, as well as the customers they serve.
  • Every collection study conducted by KCI has a focus on customer service delivery, ensuring that customer expectations are being met.
  • In addition to these service observations, our on-route audit activities cover time and motion studies, behavior analysis, and vehicle operation, while focusing on accurate data collection.


“Your team has been awesome to work with and the Greenville team has been impressed.”

David Derrick

Assistant Director Public Works, City of Greenville, South Carolina

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