Roll-out of Countywide Automated Residential Single-Stream Recycling Collection

KCI is currently assisting Sarasota County with transitioning from a dual stream bin-based curbside recycling program to carted single stream recycling. The goal of the project is for residents to receive the automated cart they expect when expected and to understand what the cart is for, what to place in the cart, and how and when to place the cart curbside. KCI initially worked with county staff to develop a clear transition strategy and plan. KCI coordinated and facilitated meetings with county and contractor staff to monitor the timely execution of the transition plan and ensure a smooth rollout. KCI also worked with county staff to develop and implement a communications plan to make residents aware of the program changes.   KCI provided a pre-transition recycling composition sort and will complete a post-transition recycling composition sort to determine impacts on contamination, materials recovered, and determine future communication and educational needs.  Finally, KCI is providing transition management assistance in developing and providing metrics for success of the program for the Client to utilize in continuing the service going forward.  This project has already been a great success with participants providing a 93% satisfaction rating for the new system overall and a 90% satisfaction rating in the quality of the transition.

Construction and Demolition Debris Processing Procurement

KCI assisted Sarasota County with conducting a competitive procurement for processing construction and demolition (C&D) debris at the Central County Solid Waste Disposal Complex.  KCI initially met with county solid waste, purchasing, and legal staff to discuss whether to use an RFP or ITB process, the willingness of the county to share in any capital investment for processing equipment, and other related issues. KCI then developed technical specifications, proposal requirements, and evaluation criteria for inclusion in an RFP.  KCI also participated in the pre-proposal meeting and site visit. Only one proposal was received from the existing processor.

Comprehensive Waste Composition Study

KCI conducted a two-season WCS consisting of two, 6-day sorting events to determine the composition of waste disposed of at the Central County Solid Waste Disposal Complex (CCSWDC). The WCS consisted of sampling and hand-sorting solid waste to determine the types and percentages of materials, including recyclables, currently disposed of by three main generator sectors: (1) Single-Family Residential, (2) Multi-Family Residential, and (3) Commercial. The first sorting event took place on March 20-25, 2017. To account for seasonal variation, a second sorting event was conducted on November 13-18, 2017. During each six-day sorting event, representative samples were taken from 57 loads of solid waste. In order to represent a cross-section of waste disposed at the CCSWDC, KCI developed a detailed sampling schedule targeting a specific number of loads from each generator sector and from each of the county’s municipalities and unincorporated areas.  KCI coordinated with the Cities of Sarasota, North Port, and Venice and the county’s franchised hauler to compile residential and commercial route information in order to develop the week-long sampling schedule.  Using the data collected during the study, KCI calculated waste compositions for each generator sector countywide, within municipalities, and in the unincorporated areas.  KCI also compared the data to previous WCS’s conducted by the county.  Results of the first sorting event revealed that 23 percent of the waste disposed in the county could be recovered in the county’s existing recycling program.

Solid Waste and Recyclables Collection Service Procurement

KCI assisted Sarasota County with procuring residential and commercial collection services prior to termination of its existing franchise agreement. KCI worked with County staff to identify any desired service or contract changes and to develop a Request for Proposals and draft franchise agreement. Concurrently, KCI assisted the County in negotiating with its then current service provider to extend the franchise agreement. This included participation in meetings and calls with the service provider and providing technical expertise to County staff and management in evaluating proposed terms and conditions.  The parties ultimately reached agreement on acceptable terms for renewal of the franchise agreement, which included conversion to single stream collection of recyclables.

Construction and Demolition Debris Composition Study

KCI was contracted by Sarasota County and WCA of Florida (WCA) to conduct a composition audit of the residue stream remaining after WCA processed C&D debris at the Central County Solid Waste Disposal Complex (CCSWDC). The processing agreement required WCA to recycle a minimum of 50 percent of the total inbound weight of C&D debris received. In the prior six months, an average of 40 percent was recycled. To determine whether a 50 percent recycling rate was feasible for the materials received, KCI conducted a composition audit on the post-processing residue stream.  Results of the study revealed that approximately 61 percent of the incoming stream consisted of recoverable materials.



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