• Optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness of solid waste systems is of critical importance to solid waste program managers, and many solid waste management departments are striving even harder now to achieve higher, sustainable recycling and waste reduction goals.


Aims to clearly identify solid waste objectives and lay out a plan to accomplish goals, including:

  • Sustainable recommendations for enhancing waste diversion.
  • Key policies that are necessary or should be considered.
  • Programs for achieving success.
  • Facilities needed to complement these programs.
  • Financial analysis of the long-term viability of the solid waste system.

“Our transition was incredibly smooth, because of the team we had; of which you played a critical role to ensure success.”

Doug Jeffcoat

Solid Waste Director, City of Sarasota, FL


  • KCI works closely with clients to fully understand program concerns and objectives towards developing practical strategies that will bring about results.
  • We recognize that all garbage is local, and therefore customize our approach to deliver unique and feasible recommendations specific to each individual client.
  • Our team has experience with implementing optimization strategies in phases that best accommodate system constraints while advancing solid waste management programs.
  • KCI has developed long-term solid waste master plans, including plans to put our clients on the path toward zero waste.
  • KCI has experience developing detailed shorter-term strategies to solve discrete solid waste challenges.
  • In all strategic planning, we consider the potential impacts to other elements of the system, both operationally and financially, to maintain the overall system balance.
  • KCI’s team offers the experience needed to form quality partnerships.
  • Additionally, our unique on-route audit activities cover time and motion studies, behavior analysis, and vehicle operation, while focusing on accurate data collection.

Community Master Plans


“The City of Durango was very happy with the work performed by KCI. They delivered a quality product on time and on budget.”

Levi Lloyd

Director of City Operations, Durango, Colorado

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