Collection Procurement

KCI assisted the City of Key West in developing an Invitation to Bid (ITB) for its solid waste collection services and to draft a service contract that met the city’s needs and objectives.  We worked closely with city staff to define key services and standards in line with the city’s newly developed Solid Waste Master Plan (also developed by KCI) for inclusion in the ITB, including once and twice weekly garbage collection, beneficial reuse of yard waste, and operation of the city’s transfer station.  KCI developed the technical specifications, evaluation criteria, and price form of the ITB, as well as prepared a list of potential vendors to notify of the solicitation publication.  KCI played a significant role as technical advisor during the pre-bid meeting, and assisted with drafting addenda in response to vendor questions.  Upon submittal, KCI analyzed and reviewed two competitive bids for service.  This process included the reviewing of submittals for completeness, ability to meet specified minimum qualifications, overall technical content, and price.  KCI developed a price summary analysis of the submittals, provided technical support to the evaluation committee, and assisted with developing presentation materials regarding city staff recommendations to the city commission.  As a result of the ITB process, yard waste processing costs decreased by 13%, and the city privatized operation of the city’s transfer station.


Solid Waste Master Plan

KCI assisted the City of Key West in developing a comprehensive Solid Waste Master Plan that charted a pathway toward zero waste.  Project activities included the following:

  • System-Wide Evaluation – Prepared a comprehensive summary of tonnages, waste flow, services and facilities, as well as identified initial opportunities for improvement.
  • City Contracts Analysis – Identified elements of these contracts that warranted change, such as adjusting commercial recycling fees and negotiating a revenue share for recyclables.
  • Waste Composition Study – Revealed that 71% of the waste stream is recyclable or compostable.
  • Transfer Station Operational Assessment – Provided recommendations to improve operational efficiencies such as preventative maintenance schedule improvements, safety concerns, and staffing/operation adjustments.
  • Commercial Waste Generation Study – Determined the density of waste (lbs/cy) for 14 different commercial sectors.
  • Special Events Recycling – Provided recommendations for increasing recycling at the 80+ special events held each year in the city, including Fantasy Fest. Developed draft ordinance language, recycling guide, website language and program branding assistance.
  • Financial Evaluation – Recommended changes to ensure the long-term financial viability of the solid waste system.
  • Solid Waste Master Plan – Based on this information, KCI developed a 3-phase approach to increase recycling well beyond the city’s current rate of 10 percent. The completed Master Plan provides policy, program and facility recommendations.

Throughout development of the Master Plan, KCI continually met with program stakeholders, including conducting three public workshops and meetings with City Commissioners, Chamber of Commerce, Sustainability Board, service providers, reporters, and interested citizens.  Maintaining an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders was important to develop a Master Plan that fit local needs and demographics.

Upon completion of the Master Plan, the City Commission adopted the policy recommendations and directed staff to initiate implementing the Phase 1 recommendations.  KCI also assisted in negotiating collection contract changes that would enable implementation of certain Phase1 recommendations, including conversion to 1-1-1 collection and utilizing recycling carts.

“Please accept this letter as an enthusiastic recommendation for the work that KCI has done for the City of Key West in developing a solid waste master plan.  The end result is a comprehensive master plan with actionable data to guide the City over the next 10-20 years.”

Ross Williams

Vice Chair, Key West Sustainability, Key West, Florida

“KCI did an outstanding job on the Master Plan and throughout the entire process.”

Jimmy Weekley

Commissioner, Key West, Florida

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