“My sincere congratulations to Mitch for the work he and the entire KCI staff do to promote solid waste and recycling issues in Florida.”

John Hofstad

Public Works Director, Okaloosa County, FL


Waste reduction and recycling is the foundation upon which KCI was built and continues to be an integral part of our services.  We design programs that incorporate all elements of the solid waste hierarchy, including source reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting.  Additionally, our firm has the knowledge and expertise to assist procurement staff with an investment in Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) practices.

KCI designs programs tailored to the specific needs and local regulations of a community with clear and actionable steps. We have assisted both public and private sector clients with development and hands-on implementation of recycling pilot programs targeting various types of generators.


  • Assist with implementing residential curbside recycling programs, including conversions to cart-based single stream recycling.
  • Provide workshops and toolkits for property managers and residents to ensure successful implementation of multi-family recycling programs.
  • Develop commercial recycling programs that succeed by helping private companies understand how recycling can save them money on their overall disposal costs.
  • Develop and pilot innovative approaches to construction and demolition (C&D) debris recycling for the building industry.
  • Design and implement successful food waste composting programs.
  • Develop pilots and implement comprehensive full-scale recreational recycling programs in settings such as sports venues, parks, water parks, and festivals/events.


We at KCI understand how important it is to lead by example, so our staff has made it a point to “walk the walk” by committing to an office wide environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) program.

EPP programs require education, training, and a strong methodology to operate in any procurement framework, and KCI offers training for purchasing departments through workshops that cover EPP definitions and benefits, illustrate EPP concepts through product samples, describe the three most important contract specification points, and suggest how buyers can roll out the program through materials and products they specify daily.

Our team works to develop and implement EPP programs that fit each of our clients, and help to create systems to monitor and track the program’s success.

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