“As a result of KCI’s assistance, the City received a decrease of approximately 10% in disposal costs and savings of over 25% contract value for collection services.”

Michelle Neuner

Assistant City Manager, Winter Park, FL


Since “you can’t manage it if you don’t measure it,” KCI helps our clients develop financial and performance baselines and standard benchmarks to measure and drive continual improvement.  We provide comprehensive financial and operational analyses of waste and recycling management systems, develop pro forma rate models and rate justifications, conduct rate negotiations, and provide recommendations and strategies for continual improvement.

From generation to recovery or disposal, and everything in between, KCI helps clients enhance the operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their solid waste systems. We stay current with industry best practices, new collection trends and technologies, and other operational changes that can help you maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your solid waste operations.

“KCI did an excellent job, went over and above the contract terms and produced a rate model that is easy to use year after year.”

Dave Bundick

Superintendent of Solid Waste, Wilmington, NC


  • KCI has assisted clients in developing material recovery facilities from the design phase through to equipment procurement and performance testing.
  • The KCI team has an in-depth understanding of the latest processing equipment and the companies that manufacture and operate this equipment.
  • KCI regularly tracks trends in commodity markets and helps ensure our clients receive revenue for their recovered materials that is commensurate with their value.

In the last 5 years, KCI has converted…

New Automated Programs


Carts Delivered


  • Identifies optimal operational and cost-saving recommendations by evaluating and analyzing existing systems within the current environment to provide sustainable solutions that will work for each client.
  • Strive to fully comprehend each client’s policies, practices, as well as the motivations inspiring decisions of department leaders and elected officials.
  • Conducting public meetings with pertinent stakeholders to aid with understanding the industry and impacts to the system, as well as helping to shape a vision for the area’s solid waste management future.

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